Beach cleaning

Beach cleaning is a fabulous way of getting some fresh air and doing your bit.

There are loads of different groups on the Island that help keep their part of the coastline looking clean and organise regular group clean ups which you can join. Planet Aware hosts information about all of these clean-ups – and any other community beach activities that are taking place on the Isle of Wight and across the Solent. From rockpool rambles to coastal clean-ups – you will find them at the Solent Beach Hub.

You don’t need to wait for an organised clean-up to do your bit: look out for the two minute beach clean board on Appley beach or in Freshwater Bay – or borrow some litter pickers from Ryde library under their litter picker lender scheme.

Fill up a reusable water bottle

Refill is a scheme by City to Sea which is designed to make it easy to refill your water bottle wherever you are. It is a great scheme to cut litter, waste and plastic pollution – a real boon when you have nearly seventy miles of gorgeous coastline to keep clean. Refill Isle of Wight is promoted by Planet Aware – the Solent social enterprise which encourages everyone to do more while using less. Wherever you see a blue Refill sticker on a window it means that the people inside will be more than happy to fill up your water bottle when you pop in (and ask nicely!).