Isle Spy celebrates the ‘experience’ of driving around the Isle of Wight’s wiggly roads and its many oddities and unofficial local landmarks. This light-hearted treasure-hunt will provide an entertaining diversion to travellers.

There are 15 things to look for which provide a useful distraction for car-sick children and impatient spouses who are used to motorways and using cruise control on their cars.

Highlights include the St Mary’s Koan (or Liliane Lijn’s ‘Land Sea Light Koan’ to give it its proper title), a personalised Isle of Wight numberplate, signs warning of red squirrels and the dinosaur-defaced Freshwater sign.

You get an (imaginary) bronze medal if you spot 10, silver for spotting 12 and gold for spotting all 15.

You can download a PDF version to print off, or do it direct from the website

Land Sea Light Koan

Submitted by the Isle of Wight Guru