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Vintage bus at Isle of Wight Pride parade 2018
Free Wight

There's so much free stuff to do on the Isle of Wight

Really, there’s just no end of free things to do on the beautiful, exciting Isle of Wight, and it’s easy to get there. We’ve been collecting a lot of free activities that you can try, and we have put them on this website. Explore, and tell us your favourites!

Our criteria:

  • It’s got to be totally free (obviously)
  • It’s got to be on, or associated with, the Isle of Wight
  • You shouldn’t have to buy a ticket/pay for something else to get to see it.
  • Promotional activities are not normally appropriate, i.e. things that are only free because they are associated with a paid-for activity; but we do have a few if they’re particularly good.
  • For events, it should stand a fighting chance of happening more than once (for example, it’s happened a few times before and there seems to be some intention to do it again)
  • It’s got to be worth seeing or doing – there are plenty of free things that are just dull. We aren’t interested in them.

Also we should say that there are many, many beautiful and free beaches, walks and countryside areas to visit for free. Like loads and loads. We are not going to list all those out as we’d have no room for anything else. Well, maybe a few of our favourites…

Submit your suggestions here!

Free Wight is a project of Pinkeye Graphics Ltd run by volunteers for fun and not profit. It is partly supported by a Sustainable Transport Innovation Grant from the Isle of Wight Council. But most of it is done just because we want to.