St. Mildred's Church, Whippingham

Just a short carriage ride from Osborne, St Mildred’s Church, Whippingham was rebuilt in a style considered to be more suitable for the royal family.

There’s a permanent exhibition of royal memorabilia in the church, and a whole lot of memorials and other things connected with Victoria and Albert and their family. There are display boards and guides to answer any questions. Sometimes there are guided tours.

The village of Whippingham, and St Mildred’s Church as its parish church, are best known for their connections with Queen Victoria. Whippingham was the centre of a royal estate supporting Osborne House and Barton Manor.

Queen Victoria took a close interest in ‘her people’ in Whippingham. This is reflected in the many memorials in St Mildred’s Church which commemorate members of the Royal Family and household, and Prince Albert took an active role in the redesigning of the church building. The architect was A.J.Humbert who later went on to design Sandringham and many other buildings associated with Queen Victoria, he was assisted by Prince Albert who made a huge contribution to the design, but alas died before the church was back in use.

The family worshipped at St Mildred’s when in residence at Osborne. Queen Victoria’s youngest daughter Princess Beatrice and her husband were married here and buried here.