Play lane millennium green

Get in touch with nature at this gorgeous nature reserve. Marvel at the 300yr old oak, see dragonflies and other wildlife down by the pond. Climb the big tree down by the stream. Relax by the stone circle. Great place for all ages.

The Green was once a grazed meadowland but no grazing has taken place since about 1980. As a result, the acorns from the magnificent oak have been allowed to germinate and grow undisturbed, resulting in an unusual area of naturally regenerating oak woodland. Some mixed woodland areas are now being created by planting a variety of native trees, including Field Maple, Walnut and Hazel. This should improve the habitat for red squirrels which are occasionally seen on the Green.

Submitted by Jemma who adds: “We’ve been visiting since my kids were babies, they are 6, 8 and 9 now and still never get bored down there. Joins on to Dame Anthony’s Common in Binstead so potential to explore further than just Millennium Green.”