Robin McInnes plaque

i-Spy Robin McInnes plaques – gotta catch ’em all!

Who is Robin McInnes, and why is his name on so many plaques on the Isle of Wight?

Professor Robin McInnes, OBE is an English chartered geologist and chartered civil engineer who is an authority on coastal management and ground instability problems; he lives and works on the Isle of Wight. He is a Visiting Professor at the Department of Geography and Environment, University of Southampton.

He also worked for the Isle of Wight Council for many years and was involved in a lot of engineering schemes, usually to build sea defences. Whenever he finished a job, his name went on the plaque to commemorate the work. So if you see a municipal plaque, look out for Professor McInnes on it – we have found a few but we think there are more, can you find them? Let us know if you do!