The Dinosaur Turf Labyrinth is drawn on the grass above Ventnor’s western cliffs and is accessible from La Falaise car park.  It is just off the coastal path southwest of Ventnor.  The labyrinth has been designed in the shape of a diplodocus dinosaur and is an impressive 44m long and 12m wide.  It is totally unique and based on the traditional nine-circuit labyrinth.

Labyrinths are objects dating back to Greek mythology and there are many ancient examples. They can be great tourist attractions. They differ from mazes in that there are no junctions – a long and indirect route leads to the centre. The Romans created labyrinth designs in tile or mosaic.

The classical seven-circuit design was inscribed on coins as early as 430BC. This unique labyrinth has been derived from the classical seven-circuit design, with the addition of zigzags within the neck and tail sections and a path linking the two across the top of the back. The four turning points in the classical design have been rearranged to point downwards, forming the legs.

Drone pictures kindly taken by Nathaniel Wheatley of Procam Films

Submitted by Ventnor Enhancement Fund