St Mary’s Church, Carisbrooke

In the graveyard of St Mary’s Church, Carisbrooke, along the stony wall, you can find a secret hand that appears to come out from inside the stone. Some say placing your hand upon it will bring you good luck. Where it came from or how it came to be there is unknown, but it makes for a fascinating find and you could create all sorts of imaginative stories around it.

The church and graveyard is also full of history. The tower was built in 1470, but the church was mentioned back in the Domesday Book, with connections to Charles I and Carisbrooke Castle. It also is en route for one of the walks from Newport to Carisbrooke along the cycle path, and continues onto the castle.

In the summer it is a stunning walk, and it has benches in the graveyard so you can stop and take in the views of the castle up on the hill.


Suggested by Lotty.

St Mary's Priory Church, Carisbrooke