The Wishing Seat

Bonchurch landslip is a large area of woods and jumbled paths between Luccombe and Bonchurch villages. It features some remarkable landforms, cliffs, boulders and steep steps, and is one of the most extraordinary landscapes on the Island which has been delighting and intriguing visitors for over 200 years.

The Isle of Wight coastal path runs through the reserve, and walkers can climb up the inner cliff through the bizarre and claustrophobic climbs of The Devil’s Chimney or The Chink.

Down at the bottom of the site, on the coastal footpath, is the big rock that in Victorian times gained the name ‘The Wishing Seat’. Legend has it that if you sit on it and make a wish, it comes true. We can attest that this works.

To find the Wishing Seat, walk the Coastal Path east from Bonchurch village, or west from Luccombe. Or take the bus/park at Smugglers Haven and walk down the Devils Chimney! Be warned though, it’s not that easy to find if you are not familiar with the site.